February 24, 2011

Nesting and Blank Brained


Last week, I can't really explain.  I just don't know where the days went.  This week?  It's as if I'm trying to get a masters degree in home ec.  And honestly?

I don't really have anything to say.  (hear that high-pitched "wheeeze?"  that's the air coming out of my balloon.)  And I've never really been one for filler.  You know.  Where someone is blank brained so instead posts a YouTube video, or does a photo shoot in the kitchen and shares the recipe...the recipe that they borrowed from Ina or Martha or Mario (some exceptions out there, obviously).

But me?  If I have nothing to say...I'll spare you.

did you notice my partial sell-out? i made this yesterday, when i should have been writing.  and it's so ridiculous, and i needed a picture for today, so i thought i'd share.  but i refuse to tell you where i got the recipe or how i made it or even what it is.  and i didn't even bother taking step-by-step photos.  so there. 

1 comment:

KeishaCory said...

oh my! that looks divine!! I think I need to try this.
You sound like me...Im every other week pretend Im martha stewart! Not sure what happens the other weeks! ha