February 9, 2011

Just Breathe

I am so effing twisted up right now.  As in my shoulders are turning on top of each other and a large object wants to burst out of my chest.

All that I want to do is volley back a cutting remark.  One that makes your jaw drop and your tea splurt out of your mouth and onto your computer, followed by a gulping, "No!  She did NOT just say that.  In writing.  In public!  (and then followed by a gaspy whisper?  "about the ex-wife!") 

I want it to look kinda exactly like mackin ink's nasty spanking of a stranger.  In her comments section.  (read numbers 7 and 8.  no really.  read them.)

But it would be pointless.

Crazy doesn't change.

i hemmed and hawed about this.  i'm not normally that cliche.  but today?  we're completely fitting the first wife/second wife stereotypes.  interpret as you wish.  and i'll go back to dreaming i am back in the maldives.


karey m. said...

not my prettiest moment, fo sho. call me tomorrow and tell me the story. xoxo.

pen.ny said...

wow....i wanted to jump in that comment form and SWAT eliza.

as for karey, she's got a way with more than just sweet words, doesn't she? love.