February 2, 2011


I have been looking for a way to introduce my favorite British word.  Thanks to the innkeeper from Asheville, I've now got one.

This guy was rather serious about his Trip Advisor reviews.  He knew exactly how many were on there, when the last one was posted...you get the idea.  He asked us to do our bit.

So we got back home, got on the computer, and gave it four stars.  Job done.

We thought.  We got a phone call.  The innkeeper.  Said he had seen our review.  It was very good.  Though we had made a mistake.  We only gave it four stars.

And he rarely does this.  Actually he never does.  But.

Could we go back in and change it to five?

Cheeky little bugger.  I tried to change it.  Really did.

Lucky for him, Trip Advisor won't let me.

just some pix from a place that left me speechless.  and the handstand man?  walked across that bridge upside down the whole way.  extra points if you can know where this is.


karey m. said...

who's the handstand guy?

do i remember stories from that trip?

remind me.

smitty said...

i know, i know! but then again i'm in the photo so maybe this is cheating but i'll go ahead anyway ... wadi rum! and that wonderful handwalker Eid helped me up that big piece of rock.

Kris said...

I'd like to know where these photos are from. It reminds me of some of the national parks in Southern Utah, but I can't imagine anyone not from Utah wanting to visit it. :)